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Welcome to Humans Radio, your ultimate destination for cutting-edge electronic beats and infectious rhythms! Our schedule programming is meticulously crafted to ensure an electrifying listening experience around the clock. Here's what you can expect.


Best of 25 Years

We're celebrating 25 years of electronic dance music in style! Join us every day from 09:00am CST to 10:00am CST for a journey through the best tracks that have shaped the EDM scene over the past quarter-century.

From iconic anthems to underground gems, our curated playlist showcases the evolution of electronic music, featuring tracks that have defined genres, ignited dance floors, and left an indelible mark on the hearts of ravers around the world.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the EDM scene, our daily hour-long showcase promises to take you on a sonic adventure through the past, present, and future of electronic dance music. Tune in and let Humans Radio be your guide as we celebrate 25 years of beats, baselines, and euphoria!

Flavor Core: Breaking Boundaries in Music

A record label created to push the boundaries of contemporary music. Rooted and based from the likes of R&B to House music.
Flavor Core was made for those who want to dance. Cultivated for artist to express themselves in their own way.
Flavor Core is a label that will stay true to its mission of: " Expression without limits to boundaries".

Every Sunday sunset starting at 07:20 pm (MST).


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Music. Human's Universal Language. 
Let it move you. Let it connect you. Let it surround you.
Embrace the rhythm. Feel the vibrations. Indulge in the frequencies.
Submerge yourself to diverse electronic music brought to you by your host, Poppa D. Ranging from the groove of Tech-House and traversing to the depths of dark and hard hitting Techno, IMMERSIVE aims to share the realms of electronic music to you the listener. We are proud to be able to provide a platform for aspiring artists, DJ's, and producers with Guest DJ mixes showcasing their unique take on electronic music. Join us and get ready to immerse yourself in the music.

Every Wednesday at 8PM CST

Humans Network

Humans Network is a premier radio show that brings together a diverse array of DJs from around the globe, each with their unique background and styles. Dedicated to showcasing the best in the techno, tech house, melodic, progressive, and house music, Humans Network offers an eclectic mix that promises to captivate and energize listeners.

Join us as we delve into the rich and dynamic world of electronic music, where every set features curated sets from both emerging talents and established artist. With the focus on innovation and diversity, Humans Network is your ultimate destination for cutting-edge sounds and unforgettable beats.

Tune in every Thursday starting at 07:00 pm (CST) and experience the synergy of different genres and the collective creativity of our talented DJs. Whether you're devoted fan or a curious newcomer, Humans Network is here to elevate your musical journey.

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